Monday, June 30, 2008

Once more with pictures...

Just added some pictures to my last posts. Hope this makes things a little more "inviting". Still working on formatting and fonts...

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Maybe it's time to update the blog?

(My Blog)

My blog is a barren wasteland.....

OK maybe I'm being a little dramatic. If I'm going to do this blog thing though, I really should step it up a notch and post more than once every couple of months. So what has happened since I left the world of insurances?

(The World of Insurances)

April 18th - May 12th:

I left the agency of April 18th and worked on a myriad of little projects until I started class on May 12. In that time I had to work on getting my financial aid squared away (which has only recently come through!), repairing/fixing up my duplex, getting the duplex rented (which I did get rented) and moving back home (hopefully a very temporary stop!).

May 13th - June 24th:

My first class is an upper level Financial Accounting class. My teacher knows her stuff but seems much more like an administrator than an educator. In other words, she starts class on time, presents the material (only to be interrupted by students pesky questions!), and records the grades. I don't feel she really cares about whether the students get the material or what I refer to as the educator part. I think she has said on a couple of occasions "if you don't understand "that" ("that" meaning whatever she is talking about at the time) then maybe you ought to consider a different profession!" Brilliant, because of course her "teaching" is never going to be the cause of someone not getting a concept presented in class. No, it must be the student that is somehow deficient.

(Student-centric teacher with her "Empathy Stick")

I could go on about her but I won't. I am getting a good grade in her class so I guess I shouldn't complain. I just feel sorry for the students she might help embrace the subject. I find all of this very ironic since UT is supposed to be a "student-centric" institution, that is if one is to believe the university propaganda put forth on the university website. Friends, is it just my nature to be anti-establishment? Is this where my gripes come from?

(Disenfranchised students unite - Fight the Power!)

In addition to my class in Financial Accounting I started two new classes on June 9th -- Info Systems and Individual Taxation. Thankfully my professors in these classes are much better than my other professor. This is especially true of my Individual Taxation professor - Prof. Phil Fink. Prof. Fink has an unfortunate name but he is a really energetic teacher. He seems very concerned with helping everyone learn the material and in helping us be the best we can be. In other words he has all the makings of a true educator. Prof. Fink spent the entire first class getting to know us all by talking to each individual student for about 1-2 minutes. This all took place in front of the rest of the class and I think this exercise was designed to get the students used to talking in class and to help the rest of the class get to know one another. Professor Fink knows his stuff and I am enjoying his class so far even if it is one of the driest subjects - taxes.

(A professor who is excited to work with his students - tragically nerdy, but excited)

The last couple of weeks I have been pretty busy in addition to my school work. I was invited to interview at Ohio State's business school, the Fisher School of Business, on June 23rd.

(The OSU Fisher School of Business, possibly my new home for the next 2 years!)

I spent the last few weeks doing practice interviews and figuring out how to succinctly describe myself in the most impressive terms possible. I'm not entirely sure why but this has been an incredibly difficult exercise for me to talk about all the great things I have done and essentially try to sell myself to someone else. I'm really not sure what my problem is but I think part of me feels like why do I have to "dress myself up" for anyone. If they like me they like me if not I'm not going to try to manipulate them into it. I know I should understand the inherent value of selling ones self but there is still something that is distasteful about it. Don't worry I worked hard at getting it all to sound good and I understand how important this all is.

(Self-aware and passionate MBA candidates, ready to add value through deliverables in a flat world...*add other catchy business clich├ęs*)

To make things even crazier, the week leading up to the interview was full of unlucky happenings -- which I will convey to you dear reader, through the use of pictures that I have found on the Internet.

**Disclaimer** These photos may or may not represent the actual reality of the situations described ;)

(People tried to break into my car when I was at a Tigers game, causing $800 of damage - Thanks Detroit!)

(I had a super complex final project due in my Financial Accounting class. The day after it was due my student-centric teacher scheduled a comprehensive final. Have I mentioned how much I love that lady - she really remembers what it's like to be a student!)

(Painters came to paint the inside of my parents house and had me move everything out of my room so they could paint - with all the crap in my room this was a big job!)

(With all of my room cleared out I had to sleep in the attic - luckily it's finished)

(My duplex had water in the basement that was coming from the furnace!?!)

(My tenants Dale and Jimmy weren't mowing the lawn like they agreed too. By the way they're brothers - can you tell?)

(So my neighbor threatened to call the city to report me and also made angry cookies to show her extreme displeasure. They were delicious in case you were wondering.)

(I had to break out the big mower for job)

Phew....that's it. What a crazy week! I promise I will be more upbeat in the next post but sometimes I think you just need to tell it like it is. Just keepin' it real ;)

(I will make a seperate post about the interview and the weekend leading up to it)

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

My Exit Plan - aka Operation Shawshank :)

Well, I announced to the office today that I am leaving to pursue a masters degree. I think over all people were happy for me and I received many well wishes. I think I am heading in the right direction and I feel a lot lighter. That said change can still be a little overwhelming to think about.

I also left my BNI networking group this morning. I got up and made a little speech to let the members know that I was leaving and why. It also happened that one of the other members is leaving too--there really is never a right time to do some things it seems. Leaving the group is also a big weight off because it was a lot of work.

I better get back to work for now.